Terminals that Encourage and Empower Customers

Instant rewards and attractive design invite interaction and feedback

Transformation needs accurate information

Let your customers guide your metamorphosis

Empower customers to express their opinion
Enable customers to request personalized services
Equip staff to provide enhanced customer experience
Give management insight into store and department performance
Use non-threatening and non-intrusive technology
Enhance existing investments and loyalty programs

Unmatched ROI

Real leaders know the value of accurate information

Truly plug-and-play
Instant rewards for customers with built-in printer
Fully customizable rewards
Integrates with existing loyalty programs and marketing campaigns
Survey management with reporting service and interactive analytics
Customizable branding and user interface
Built in LTE connectivity and misuse protection

Let your customers guide you

Empower customers to express themselves. Enable staff to respond.


Plug and Play





Clients in skilled trades and construction industries are not easy to get to know. With XY terminals, you can give free tool rentals and learn a lot about their preferences. 

Customers love coupons. You'll love the ease of integrating Xpress Yrself into your marketing and loyalty programs. Instant rewards do work when soliciting feedback. 

Help me understand my customers

Smart Analytics and Reporting

Intelligent answers to important questions

Intuitive and interactive data analytics help track and manage service performance.

Pinpoint issues and uncover causes with ease, and make improvement actions that can be measured and verified.

Let your data do the talking

Evidence-based decision making at your fingertips

Up-to-the minute performance updates
Rewards and discount campaign management
Configurable real-time alerts
Flexible summaries and filtering options
Performance comparison across locations and departments
Surveys and questionnaires creation and scheduling

Boost KPIs across the board

Transform insights into concrete actions

Know what your customers and employees want and need to improve
Enhance customer experience by raising employee motivation and performance
Improve referral and conversion rates 
Encourage loyalty and reduce churn
Boost basket size and revenue 

Help me transform my business

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